About Tine Loncin

Having completed her interior design studies, Tine Loncin specialized in scenography and took an advanced training in theatre sciences. The combination of conceptual and content -related thinking is reflected in every one of her projects and designs. It leads to well thought-out realizations in which form follows function and to the development of a style that captures the zeitgeist regardless of any trend.

Ever since the start of her career, Tine has been striving for sincerity and transparency. This is not only reflected in her choice of materials and the way she approaches space, but also in her relations and her approach to each project. Every action, every choice of colour and every formal intervention or materialization is carried out meticulously with the sole aim of making the most of the available space. And those who commit themselves to designing a space, will get a true experience in return. That is the very essence for Tine.

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